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          Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.
          Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.
          Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.
          4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone
          Product Name: 4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone
          Casno: 80-07-9
          Molecular formula:


          Molecular weight: 287.16
          Structural formula: 4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone
          Physical properties and Description:
          physical state: solid
          flash point: 233° C
          boiling point: 397° C
          solubility: is insoluble in water
          Quality Index:
          appearance: white crystalline powder
          content: 99.5% min.
          melting point: ≥ 148° C
          dry weightlessness: 0.5% max.

          The net weight of 25 kilograms of cardboard barrels.


          It is used for the synthesis of engineering plastics, dyes and polymers, such as polysulfone, polyethersulfone, peek and so on.

          Handling and storage:

          After handling, thoroughly clean the whole body. Remove contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse.
          Prevent contact with eyes, skin and clothing to prevent eating and inhaling.

          Safety Guide:

          Summary: irritation to the eyes and skin may cause respiratory irritation.
          Toxicity: acute oral, mouse, LD50=24g/kg.

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